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Edward BandurkaEdward Bandurka
02:22 10 Apr 24
I arriv3d to pick up my order, while waiting, the chef/ owner decided to throw food at a kitchen worker. The young guy clearly made a mistake, but while trying to talk to the already heated chef, this kid not only had a pizza thrown at him, but fired loud and clear in front of me. I was disgusted by the behavior of the kitchen. There was definitely bias and no respect for staff of a different race. I will now never order food from this place as I have for years, that was a disgusting display of an abuse of power. That manager needs training or be deportation.
Zav LZav L
14:05 30 Mar 24
I'm disappointed with my experience here. I ended up with 2 large pizzas I didn't order and toppings the household is allergic to not to mention spending more than I intended to. I called in and nothing was done. Your staff did not repeatedly ask anything. I also started my order saying 1 large bbq pizza with chicken, mushrooms and extra cheese. How is that hard to understand. I didnt ask for onions, peppers nor 2 pizzas. It's not the first time I'm ordering a pizza. Just to be clear - It was your staff's error And I was not rude to your staff this is where I say - I don't know what you're talking about. I called in explaining the situation and was basically told "too bad but thats not the order I took". This is like the fourth time I'm calling in and ordering the exact same. First time it was messed up, maybe this says something. 🤔 I was looking for some actual customer support when I called as mistakes happen-instead you chose to respond this way. No one mentioned a new pizza.
Vee CeeVee Cee
20:41 10 Dec 23
Just moved here from BC and it's the best pizza we've had here so far! 🤤
Ronald TeskeRonald Teske
04:32 18 Nov 23
It's Friday. It's pizza. It's busy. It's good. Great toppings good price. Underrated. Very good pizza
Kai LeitnerKai Leitner
08:16 05 Nov 23
Got the Royal and notorious PIG, both were great. Delicious sauce and crust with lots of toppings. Wings were great too, they suggested the hot honey and it was a great recommendation. Will definitely order again and try other menu items.
Tina ThainTina Thain
04:34 28 Oct 23
After hearing good reviews on Facebook, I thought I would drive out from Edmonton and try them out. Pizza was okay, lasgna was greasy, the chicken wings were raw inside, asked for salt and pepper but was given plain wings. Nobody in the family was impressed.
Alejandro Ramon RiveraAlejandro Ramon Rivera
22:39 13 Oct 23
Today I visited this place and got an all meat pizza. I was delighted by the flavor and quality of ingredients. Staff super friendly and nice. I live in downtown Edmonton but definitely will drive all the way to Beaumont again to get another one!!
A MillerA Miller
01:58 11 Oct 23
Best pizza I have had in a long time. I am visiting from Vancouver. This pizza is better then anything you can get there. The crust is awesome and toppings are great. A must try when in Beaumont or even Edmonton.
Mickey Bexson-WesleyMickey Bexson-Wesley
14:21 29 Sep 23
Always prompt and hot- they never deliver a less than par order and as great as their Pisa is their wings are even better. Keep up the great work- absolutely love your pizza
brandon lundbrandon lund
00:45 17 Sep 23
This place has gone to sht since the new owner came in. Ive been here quite a cew times since and wont be back which is sad because this place used to be amazing. The food isn't as good, the prices are insane, the website sucks, nothing is user friendly and I didn't get a receipt. It would be nice to know what is making my price so high. Whatever though, I'll just avoid this place like the plague from now on...Edit* I did ask for a copy and gor nothing. I have said before it's not the same and have had multiple issues with the place since you guys took over. Including you giving away my pizzas to someone else. Basil's was perfect before and it just isn't anymore. I wish it was just the same as it was. I have had multiple people from Beaumont say the same thing. I always give a place the benefit of the doubt, but I have had issues here almost constantly. Sorry, it's just not as good as it used to be. You are trying to do too much and should just stick with the classics. There was nothing wrong with the place before
Walter KrebsWalter Krebs
03:34 03 Sep 23
We ordered the Italian with tomatoes and the Butter Chicken pizzas. They were fantastic! I can't wait to order again! (The brownie was pretty awesome,too)
Avneet BhattiAvneet Bhatti
16:06 21 Aug 23
Best pizza to order from when in the Beaumont area. It never disappoints, I highly recommend for your next dinner choice! I will be ordering again :).
Yudhvir SinghYudhvir Singh
20:58 17 Aug 23
I had an amazing experience. Staff is very welcoming. Great customer service. Pizza was loaded with the toppings. One of the best butter chicken pizza I have ever had.
Sean HansenSean Hansen
17:38 02 May 23
I have been holding off giving a review till we had a few orders under our belt. I have to say this is a hidden gem in Beaumont and has the best Pizza and Wings I've had in a very long time. Their homemade Ranch dip is a 10 out of 10. Great service, Great Food and we will continue to only get our pizza from here.
Shaun O'NeilShaun O'Neil
22:55 30 Apr 23
I recently tried Basile's Pizza and was blown away by the incredible flavors and fresh ingredients in their pizza. You can really taste the difference that old-school cooking techniques make in the preparation of their pies. The crust was perfectly crispy and the sauce had just the right amount of tanginess. What stood out to me most were the toppings - each one was bursting with flavor and made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. It felt like I was eating a pizza prepared by a fine dining chef.In addition to the amazing food, the service was friendly and efficient. The staff was knowledgeable about the menu and helped me make a great selection. I highly recommend Basile's 2 For 1 Pizza & Pasta to anyone looking for a delicious pizza experience. I can't wait to come back and try more of their menu.
Samantha DavySamantha Davy
23:02 10 Apr 23
Best pizza in town! Always delicious always fresh. The wings are so worth the price. You can really tell they care about what they are producing! Highly recommend.
Janelle MoleroJanelle Molero
18:05 02 Apr 23
First time ordering from this location and did not disappoint! The food was really good and the guy who greeted us was very kind and accommodating! Will definitely order again 🙂
We recently ordered a Hawaiian and an all-meat pizza on a trip to Beaumont...Great deal and everybody loved the pizzas. Super tasty and generous with the toppings. Highly recommend this place!
Flight connectionFlight connection
05:48 21 Jan 23
One of my top 3 WORST PIZZA EVER. The pizza crust was thick and tasted like old stale bread. The cheese was almost nonexistent as they really cheap quality out on this. Toppings we're not there I can count on it. But ordering 3 larges was a mistake as I could only eat 1.5 slice and the rest went in garbage. Very disappointing. Will never go back. I can make cheese on toast better than they can make pizza.
Mike SMike S
17:04 02 Jan 23
Delicous pizzas and great selection. Ordered over the weekend for lunch, food came fast and hot. Good crust and lots of toppings. Guy over the phone was very nice and delivery driver was friendly and respectful.
Rocky MRocky M
14:45 26 Sep 22
Second time having Basile’s since I used to get it as a kid 15+ years ago.5 out of 5. Very good pizza, a few weeks ago we had 3 larges delivered that came in piping hot no skimping on toppings, hot crispy dough. Last night I had 2 more pizzas that were great.Professional customer service in the store as well as the delivery driver a few weeks ago.I’ll be visiting Basile’s every time in Beaumont.
Heather SharmaHeather Sharma
01:43 26 Aug 22
We just moved to Beaumont a couple months ago and we've tried every pizza place in Beaumont for our weekly pizza night. Basiles is the ONLY one we've went back to and will continue to!Best pizza in Beaumont, hands down! Exceptional customer service as well!
Tinker BellTinker Bell
04:54 21 May 22
Not good tonight. I've ordered pizza from Basile's many times and never been disappointed but tonight they totally missed the mark. I ordered 2 small green pepper, mushroom and onion pizzas to pick up. They were of course ready in time. At first glance one of the pizzas looked like they put the cheese on first, which was all in the middle and hardly any of it, then forgot that there was supposed to be toppings and so they put those on top of the cheese. Most of the onions seemed to be in big piles. All the mushrooms are burned and shrivelled up. And it tasted off. Not like usual. It seemed more crispy bread/crust than tasty toppings. Usually the crust is so soft and tender. Not tonight. And it did taste a bit burnt. I really don't know what happened tonight but the pizza was an absolute disappointment. Normally I only order 1 pizza but tonight I splurged on 2. What a waste.
Dorothy LambDorothy Lamb
05:23 04 Jan 22
Last night we were going to order from Boston Pizza … but read a local groups post that Basile’s was listed #1 and Boston Pizza last … so why not give them a call … ordered 2 small , one all meat and an Italian… must say nice to buy one get one free any size $29 … and now onto the pizza .. pick up was 30 minutes.. we picked up as they were just coming out of oven … brought it home .. and must say really enjoyed the sauce in both pizzas, lots of fresh mushrooms and peppers… lots of meats very tasty and the right amount of cheese … all in all we really enjoyed both pizza .. will be our new go to pizza!!